Sunday, 27 August 2017

Eyewitness report - By Yan En, Shaun and David

Our script:
Main reporter/ interviewer: Yan En
Eyewitness: David Tan
Passenger: Shaun Yeo

Yan En(blue screen): A few days ago,  we witnessed a miracle, a successful aeroplane ditch, rescuing 155 passengers on board. The pilot was Captain Sully, and he is now a hero to many others. Here we are going to interview an eyewitness and a passenger.

Yan En: So, what happened on that day?

David: so this is what I saw on that day: I was taking a walk down Hudson river when this plane came rushing down at high speeds, sending big waves on either side. after that, I saw people starting to come out of the plane and stand on the wings. a few started swimming towards the shore. thank god they were alright.  a few minutes later, the first boat came to the plane and started to bring passengers to shore. And that is it from me.

Yan En: Thank you so much for your information, now let’s hear the story from a passenger that was on that plane.

Shaun: He is a hero when the announcement played out that we were going to land in the Hudson river, I was a bit uncertain but Capt Sully come out of the cockpit and evacuated us before himself. Thanks to him the evacuation was fast and safe and I am in debt to Capt Sully.

Yan En: This is all for tonight's news, Thank you for watching

Eyewitness Report - Jun Yu, Yadira, Aisyah and Rhea

Jun Yu: Chesley Sullenberger
Aisyah: Eyewitness
Yadira: Passenger
Rhea: Reporter

Reporter: Welcome to the 9 o'clock news. Today, we will be interviewing Chesley Sullenberger, the American hero who saved the lives of 155 passengers on Flight 1549 on 15 January 2009. We will also interview one of the passengers onboard as well as an eye-witness.

Good evening Mr Sullenberger, what happened during the incident?

Chesley Sullenberger: Well…I recall the “loud thumps” of birds hitting the plane and the smell of burned birds sweeping through the air system. The power loss to engines was the ‘worst, sickening, pit-of-your-stomach’ feeling I have ever felt in my life and the plane’s low; slow trajectory made me realise that I could not make it back to LaGuardia or any other airport in time. I trusted my instincts and told myself that I could get everyone to safety. My initial reaction was one of disbelief; I couldn’t believe that it was happening. I had to force myself to use my training and force calm on the situation. I don't feel comfortable embracing it, but I don't want to deny it. I don't want to diminish their thankful feeling toward me by telling them that they're wrong. I'm beginning to understand why they might feel that way.

Reporter: Thank you, Mr Sullenberger. I can’t imagine what you had to go through. Now, we will be interviewing an eyewitness, Susan Obel, who was watching from her apartment near the Hudson river.

The incident must have been horrible to watch but could you tell us what you saw during the incident?

Eyewitness: Around 3.30pm I saw an aircraft flying over the Hudson river, and I remember thinking to myself, “Isn’t that a little too low for a commercial plane?”. It finally hit me that it was going to crash a few seconds before I saw a large splash of water in the river. Even as a bystander it was horrifying for me to witness such event occur. As soon as it landed, I thought it was all over for the passengers, but I was proved wrong when it remained afloat. In a few minutes, a swarm of passengers moved out of the emergency exits, and the plane was surrounded by boats trying to save the passengers on the wings. Even from my apartment, I could see the expressions of the survivors walking ashore shivering with borrowed coats. They were either terrified or joyful after escaping the sinking plane. I was genuinely shocked by what I saw; it's not every day you could land in the Hudson river and live to tell the tale.

Reporter: Thank you, Mrs Obel.
We are here with a passenger of Flight 1549.
Susan O'Donnell was an American Airlines First Officer who was on board the plane.
It must have been a terrifying experience. What did you do to cope with it?

Passenger: Within minutes of taking off, I heard the strange sounds, loud thumps coming from the engine. I would have never guessed the noise was caused by a large flock of Canada geese flying into the plane's engines and causing them to lose thrust. My seat shook with the vibrations, and suddenly the plane began dropping.Moments later the captain made an announcement: "This is the captain, brace for impact." I was stunned...why is this happening?The impact came with incredible force. As we landed tail first, I was hurled back into my seats, then plunged forward. I heard someone scream, "We're in the water." We all jumped to our feet, moving towards the exit doors.Water was rising on the back of the plane started to submerge. I could hear people screaming. I needed to get out. By the time I reached the exit door, freezing water was up to my shins. I could see passengers standing outside on the icy wing.  I jumped into one of the liferafts. I was soaking and shivering, from the water as well as the wind howling down the river. I was so cold, and it was so scary.It felt like an hour before help arrived. We boarded the ferries and were taken to a restaurant on the New Jersey waterfront where we changed out of our wet clothes into chefs' uniforms. The staff of the aircraft were so caring in the midst of all the chaos they managed to take care of us and putting us first; I saw the captain going back in the aircraft to ensure everybody evacuated. Without them, the ditch would not have been successful. I am so grateful...we all survived.

Reporter: Thank you, Mrs O’Donnell. I hope passengers of Flight 1549 are doing well and we would like to thank Mr Sullenberger for his heroic actions. This is Rhea Chua signing off, good night.

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Situation Writing Eyewitness report: Z.A.N. News

Eyewitness: Ann Kyee
Passenger: Nadrah
Reporter: Zowie

Reporter: Welcome to Z.A.N. News. On 15 January 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 took off from LaGuardia Airport. Not too long after takeoff, geese had entered both its engines, and consequently, both engines lost power. Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, a veteran of 40 years, made a quick decision to ditch and land at Hudson River. Fortunately, thanks to Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, all 155 passengers were rescued and few serious injuries were sustained.  We will now hear what a passenger and an eyewitness has to say about this incident.

Passenger: I was on the plane when the airplane began to shudder and both engines ground to a halt. Many people in the plane, including me, started panicking as we thought we were all going to die. After the plan to turn the plane back towards Manhattan failed, the captain made an announcement over the intercom, telling us to brace for impact. A few seconds later, we felt the impact from the plane smashing into the water. Icy cold water started filling up the plane and many passengers scrambled to grab their bags. I tried telling the other passengers to leave their bags when the captain emerged from the cockpit and started shouting to evacuate the plane. Everyone started evacuating and stood on the wings of the plane, while the captain was the last to leave, making sure that all the passengers and crew had evacuated the plane before leaving himself. I felt grateful towards Captain Chesley for helping us, he is truly a hero.

Eyewitness: I was nearby when I saw a plane heading towards Hudson River. Upon seeing the airplane hitting the water, I heard a loud banging sound and as a result of the impact, I saw the left engine of the airplane rip off. People started swarming out of the plane, standing on the wing. I saw several people swimming out of the plane into the river frantically.

SSTalk Show (Flight 1549)

GRP: Kieran, Ryan and Jing Feng

Interviewer: Ryan

Passenger: Kieran

Eyewitness: Jing Feng

Interviewer: Welcome to the SSTalk, today, we will be interviewing one of the passengers onboard Flight 1549 and an eyewitness sitting by the Hudson River at that time.

Interviewer: We will now be interviewing the passenger who was aboard Flight 1549. Hi, can you share with me your experience of when the plane was landing on the Hudson River? What were your some of your thoughts?

Passenger: I was onboard a plane that was headed to Charlotte, North Carolina from New York’s LaGuardia Airport. Minutes after takeoff, at about 15 30 hours, the pilot made an announcement, which was “Brace for impact!”. The cabin crew also shouted to all of us to follow the instructions. Though I did not know what was happening, I still followed their instructions for safety. Looking out of the window, I noticed that we were facing the Hudson River. The plane was heading downwards, and I had no idea about what the pilot was doing, flying above the River, trying to land. Suddenly, the plane touched the surface of the river, and everyone encountered huge impact. Water started to gush into the aircraft, and the cabin crew shouted to us to escape the plane. It was a horrible experience. Only when I came out of the plane, I realised what was happening.

Interviewer: Thank you, we will now interview an eyewitness who was strolling at the Hudson River when he witnessed in front of his own eyes.

Eyewitness: I was taking a lovely stroll down Hudson River. While passing by the Mayor’s Office, I saw a giant aircraft heading downwards. Everyone around me stopped as well and rushed over to the side of the river to get a better view. The plane landed in the Hudson River with a giant splash, and everyone was awestruck. We could not believe our eyes. Soon, police patrol watercrafts were heading towards where the site of the incident was.

Interviewer: In less than 20 minutes, the plane “landed” on the Hudson river. The story is now told in Sully: Miracle on the Hudson.Well, that’s the end of our news for today, thank you.