Sunday, 15 January 2017

True me poem Zaky


My real name is Zaky Irfan Mohamed Lazim

A name I wished to be to be called is Zaky because it's my real name.I wouldn't want to be given such goofy names, hehe..right..hehe?

The animal that’s inside of me is a magpie because I talk a lot and they are also smart.(like me 😁)

The object that’s inside my heart is a snake because I want to keep one, one day.(The law does not allow the keeping of snakes.)

The word on my forehead is GAMES because I love to game.

The sound that I love is "fade" because it is my favourite song written by my favourite songwriter.

The smell I love is pizza because I love cheese pizza.

My favourite time of the day is 12.p.m because it’s lunch.(Who doesn't like lunch?)

My mother always says to me, "Stop procrastinating!"


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